Week #4 We’ve been TREED!!!!!

IMG_1890 (Copy)With inches to spare we drove THRU the Chandelier Redwood Tree!!!!! in Leggett, CA.

We’re Not IN the Woods, We ARE The Woods!!!!

. . . and now, the rest of the story!

July 19 Saturday

IMG_8238 cape Meares lighthouse (Copy)When we visited Tillamook, the kind cashier had given John a map to Cape Meares State Park, OR, an historic lighthouse which was about 15 miles away. We decided to take the time & explore that area. It was very chilly around 8pm but John wanted to get several photos here until dark.  We met Dave Cross, former keeper of the lighthouse. His wife, Heather is the youngest volunteer in the state park service and their grandson, Isaac, a youthful math wizard. We left our campsite the next morning.


IMG_8187 sunset Cape Meares Three Arch Rocks (Copy)Designated as the first National Wildlife Refuge west of the Mississippi River, Three Arch Rocks Refuge lies ½ mile offshore of the community of Oceanside. One of the Oregon coast’s best-known landmarks, the refuge consists of three large and six smaller rocks totaling 15 acres. The refuge is one of the smallest National Wilderness Areas in the country.

 July 20 Sunday

 On this morning, we left early for Crater Lake & decided to take the scenic Oregon Coastal Highway.IMG_8273 (Copy)

IMG_8096 (Copy)

We stopped at a coastal town, Seaside on the beautiful Oregon coast to have lunch.

IMG_5074 (Copy) IMG_5075 sams seaside salmon webJohn actually ate a grilled salmon sandwich!!!

IMG_8099 (Copy)We found out that this community was the end of the trail for Lewis & Clarke Expedition. John photographed the statue of Lewis & Clark there at the Prom circle which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  The 18 month, 4,000 mile journey from Saint Louis to the Oregon Coast is commemorated by the statue.

IMG_8104 (Copy)IMG_8098 (Copy)

We left Seaside & continued driving down the coast to Depoe Bay. John had stopped along Rocky Creek to take a photo when Bob, a nice man who lived nearby came up to talk to us. He told John that we had a flat tire on our trailer. We were so grateful that we had a strong enough of a signal to call AAA. The traffic was so heavy in nearby Lincoln City that it took the service man from AAA about an hour to finally get to us. DJ, the AAA service man, from Lincoln City Towing, switched out the tire with the spare and we only lost about 2 hours out of our day but we were so thankful that we found out about the tire before we started back out on the road. We know that God was with us & he sent Bob to help us, especially being on a Sunday when everything was closed.

Due to the flat tire, we didn’t arrive until after 9pm that night, but we called to let them know that we were going to be arriving late. After we set up the electric for AC and the water, we were so tired that we waited until daylight to level the travel trailer.

July 21 Monday

The next day at our rv park, we decided to take a day to rest . . . much needed rest after driving the steep mountain roads the day before. Later in the day we drove to Klamath Falls, OR, to purchase a new tire from Basin Tire Service .  You will have to look all over the country to find nicer folks and better deals.  Thanks, Mike for taking such excellent care of us.

July 22 Tuesday

We left for Crater Lake National Park around 10am. We drove several hours to see as much as we could in a day. “Annie Falls” was John’s first photo stop; then “Vidae Falls”.  John snapped a picture of me photographing “Vidae Falls”.

IMG_8309 (Copy)
“Annie Falls” gave us our first look at the skinny, pointed trees.
IMG_8330 (Copy)
“Vidae Falls”, Photo by BARB !!!!
IMG_8336 (Copy)
Barb Photographing “Vidae Falls”

We chose to go to the Eastern side first, because we arrived in the morning and we knew the sun would shine best on the western side of the Crater. By the time we had driven around to the Western side, the sun illuminated the Eastern slopes of the Crater.

IMG_8441 (Copy)We stopped half way around the loop to eat lunch at a very windy & cold picnic area with Mt. Scott in the background, which is the highest peak in the park. Throughout the day, we stopped at beautiful spots to take photos.

IMG_8376 (Copy)
“The Pinnacles at Crater Lake”
IMG_1659 - Copy
“Wizard Island” at Crater Lake, Photo by Barb She’s catching onto this picture thing!!!!!

Some of the cliffs were very steep where we wanted to take pictures, so we had to select safe locations such as this one, at “The Pinnacles” and the one of Wizard Island near the western side of Crater Lake lookout point.

Here’s a slide show of several other photos of Crater Lake and the beautiful drive up to the crater.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

July 23 Wednesday

On our way to  our new campsite, we learned about the Lava Beds National Park.

IMG_8715 (Copy)We drove about an hour out of our way to visit the park & photograph some of the huge lava rocks. They almost looked like deep, dark crevices that also appeared as large mountains of lava rock. We also visited their information center & watched a short video on the park. IMG_8735 (Copy)  IMG_8798 (Copy)


We continued on our trip, not realizing how mountainous & tedious of a drive lay ahead of us. It seemed like we drove for several hours in the dark up & down the mountains, but finally after being in the car for 15 hours, with the exception of the visit to the Lava Beds park, we arrived at the Redwoods River Resort in Leggett, California that night around 11:45pm. Needless to say, we were exhausted. Nearly 5 weeks into our journey, and this is the FIRST RV RESORT to live up to the title RESORT!!!!, of the other resorts we stayed in offered a few shade trees and a swimming pool and a few extras. Redwoods River Resort is an excellent place to put up the RV, especially if you have kids or you just want some peace and quiet. The park is absolutely bloated with large redwood trees!

The next day, we photographed One Log House and the Chandelier Tree, which was the drive through tree & the One Tree Log House near our campsite.

IMG_1917 (Copy)
“Tiny” John & “Ity Bity” Barb beside the Super Duper Redwood Tree just next to our Travel Trailer.


IMG_1901 (Copy)
Yes, we are IN the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IMG_1892 (Copy)
It was a real tight squeeze for the Durango as we drove through the Chandelier Tree, Leggett, CA.



July 24 Thursday

We rested at our campsite & took the day to work on our blog, although we had no cell or internet service. We found out that we could drive to Garberville at a Treats Ice Cream shop about 16 miles away. While we were enjoying our ice cream, we were able to catch up on missed calls & emails for an hour. We were not able to stay long enough to work on our blog so did what we needed to do at that time. We decided to come back the next afternoon for lunch so we could have cell & internet. We have been dealing with this problem for almost a month now, very little cell or internet, you almost feel completely isolated from the rest of the world.


July 25 Friday

We awoke this beautiful morning & decided to drive to Shelter Cove, near the Pacific Coast. What a long & winding road! It took us about an hour but it was worth the drive to the site. John met a nice couple, Mark & his wife, Nancy who had been at Shelter Cove for 10 years. They told us about the Lighthouse & Seal Rock where we saw seals sunning themselves on the rocks.       IMG_1767 (Copy)

MVI_1853 24 tiff cropped web

We also saw a family of deer crossing in front of us, you would think they live here and have free reign of the turf … oh, they do!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the drive back to Garberville, we took in the One Log House, which was very interesting. In 1946, the tree was hollowed out for a home on wheels which traveled America as an exhibition before having a permanent home in Garberville.

IMG_1742 (Copy) IMG_1738 (Copy)

IMG_1712 (Copy)  IMG_1746 (Copy)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We arrived back at our campsite and packed up everything for our trip the next day to Yosemite.


July 26 Saturday

This is the day that we are driving to Yosemite. Our rv park, Yosemite Lakes is only 5 miles from the Western Yosemite entrance so we plan to leave early this morning knowing just how mountainous and long of a drive it will be. It took us about 9 hours to get there and it wasn’t easy pulling a trailer up the mountains with all of the hairpin curves, but John knew how to keep us safe. We finally arrived around 6pm which gave us plenty of time to set up.

IMG_1989 (Copy) IMG_1990 (Copy)When we arrived and checked in, we found out that due to the forest fires in that area, they had already evacuated a nearby rv park.

The lady at the desk told John that so far, Yosemite park was still open so we planned to rest that night & go to the park the next day. That night, John was able to get a few photos to show the extent of the smoke around our park. We prayed about it & decided to stay the night.


July 27 Sunday

IMG_1958 (Copy)
The smoke was pretty intense and too close for comfort to our camper and car!!!!
IMG_8831 Yosemite Smoke web
Due to the heavy smoke and a ZERO contained fire nearly 15 miles away from our campsite, WE LEFT!!!!



The next morning, we learned that our entrance to Yosemite had been closed due to the Mariposa location of the fire. We would have had to drive 90 miles around the mountains to get to the next location. We were afraid that if we stayed much longer on the mountain, we would be caught having to evacuate with everyone else and be trapped there on the mountain. After talking with someone there, we decided it would be safer if we left that afternoon. We were disappointed that we didn’t even get to go into the park at all, but we felt this was the only decision that we could make at this time. When we left, the sky was filled with smoke & a 12 yr. Old girl had to be taken to a nearby hospital due to needing oxygen. After discussing our next destination, we decided to travel 58 miles to Modesto. It would free us from the threat of the forest fires & we could find a place to stay the remaining two nights before heading to Santa Cruz. We stopped at a McDonalds in Oakdale & were able to get on the internet. John called & found us a place outside of Modesto at a reservoir on a lake.

Now that we are in the “Land of WiFi” (close to the Silicon Valley California), we will have more info  coming your way!

Thanks for sticking with us.

John and Barb



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