Week #3, we are moving right along!

Approaching Mt Rainier …

IMG_7953 (Copy)

…  traveling through a curved tunnel and UNDER overhanging rocks!!!!

 IMG_5024 cropped web      IMG_5026 Cropped web


July 13 Sunday

This morning around 11am, we departed Swinomish RV Park in Anacortes for Mt. Rainier. The weather was beautiful & we stopped along the way to see Snoqualmie Falls but there was no place to park the camper so we decided to move on. We have now arrived at our campsite, Cougar Rock, in  Mt. Rainier National Park. This is a new experience for us because we are in the woods & the place they assigned us is very difficult to get the camper straight. Finally after trying to get the camper in straight, John unhooked the trailer since we will have to drive the car through the park tomorrow.


July 14 Monday

Today, we are leaving our campsite to drive through the park to eventually reach the Sunrise Peak of 6400 ft. elevation. It took us several hours to drive the road due to construction, rough roads & hairpin curves. It was worth the drive & as you can see, John captured Mt. Rainier & other portions of the Cascades.

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View from Sunrise Peak, well worth the drive up!
View from Sunrise Peak, well worth the drive up!


When we arrived at the visitor center at Sunrise Peak, as far as we could drive by car, we learned so much about volcanoes & that Mt. Rainier is expected to erupt sometime in the future, hopefully not in our lifetime. It is beyond description, just how beautiful it is. It is unlike the Grand Tetons because you get to see Mt. Rainier up close & personal and you feel like you could reach out & actually touch the glaciers because they seem so close. John wanted to play in the snow on the mountain but we didn’t have the time. As we drove back down, it seemed like we reached our campground faster due to the fact that we decided not to stop & take more photos. We had taken so many on the drive up that we wanted to return to our campground before dark.

 cougar rock campsite web

We still had to figure out how we were going to get our camper & car out of the tight space. We were pinned in between trees & brush on three sides & finally after much prayer & patience working together, after 45 minutes, we finally accomplished our goal. We learned from this experience that we must request larger sites to accommodate our travel trailer & car.

July 15


IMG_5069 riley and clarene

Sure Hope I Look This Good after 63 yrs of marriage!!!!!

On this day, we are looking forward to spending 3 days at John’s Uncle Riley & Aunt Clarene’s in Winlock, Washington, about a 3 hr. drive from Cougar. After stopping for a quick lunch, we finally arrived here & immediately, set up the camper on their acreage. We wanted to be here on the 16th to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.

I had been looking forward to finally meeting them & other members of John’s family for a long time & just enjoyed our time together so much. John’s cousins, Linda, Steve & Ralph & their respecitive families were great too We had a great time visiting with Linda, her husband, Ken, and their four dogs who reside near Clarene & Riley.

IMG_8037 Barb playing grandmas pump organ web1

Barb played Chariots of Fire on John’s Grandmother’s old pump organ.

Clarene was so gracious to prepare delicious chicken rollups for dinner & then we visited for a brief time. John & I returned to our camper for a nice night’s rest. The weather here is hot during the day but you don’t need ac at night, really pleasant.

July 16 Wednesday

This morning, we joined Clarene & Riley for a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs & sausage. It was so nice to spend more time with them.

IMG_8062 Landacre foursome

Since this was the celebration day for their anniversary, Riley’s sisters, Lorena & Stella drove in from Portland for their special day. It was so nice to finally meet them. I had heard so much about them & really enjoyed visiting with them. Later on, we celebrated their anniversary with a nice meal.

IMG_8049 ralph and pork chops

Their stand-up comedian son, Ralph. grilled pork chops  smothered by a pineapple slice,for their special dinner.

Much thanks to Ralph,  who assisted John in installing vents for our camper.

July 17 Thursday

It is now Thursday around 11:30am, another beautiful day.  John’s uncle, Riley’s 83rd birthday is today so John & his cousin, Ralph prepared steak & all the trimmings.

Aunt Clarene fixed her special bow-tie salad and other goodies. We spent this day with them & left for Tillamook the following  morning. Looking forward to touring the Cheese Factory.

July 18 Friday

Ok, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:  The Tilamook chees factory tour!, sorry you missed the samples and the ice cream and the great milk, but we sure enjoyed it!


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Due to the lack of readily available internet this week, we had to leave out some info, we will give more details next week, as we head into California – King of the Internet!!!!! oh yeah!!!!!! – john and barb


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