Countdown: 10 Days until departure!!!!

“All my bags are packed I’m ready to go” . . .  well, almost.

The travel trailer is in the driveway and my grandson, Tavin and I washed it last night. Barb has begun to collect the necessities; I have stockpiled the photo equipment and computer stuff.


Barb and I will be staying in at least 18 different locations as we expand our West Coast journey for the U.S.A. PhotoMural project.

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Here are a two of photos from my trip to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago.  Plaquemines Parish

Director Coastal Zone Management, P.J.Hahn directed a boat tour of two islands in the Barataria Bay waterways; I am very grateful to have been able to join him.  More about the plight of the disappearing islands, but for now, the Lousianians are losing a football field size area of land into the overcoming Gulf of Mexico water.  There are several complex reasons for this landloss; I first learned about it by reading the book:  “Bayou Farewell”. 
While there, I was able to photograph an infant nephew of our Mascot, Petey, a brown pelican.Image



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